A trained pianist – and a self-taught guitarist and vocalist – Ashley has been recording and releasing music, as well as impressing audiences with touching live shows, since 2010.

With a firm background and inspiration from the west-coast singer-songwriter scene, Ashley couples powerful poetry with memorable melodies to create simple, soulful songs about love, loss and the journey of life itself.

Sensitive, easy-going and sometimes even humourous, Ashley uses music as an extension of his storytelling to move, change, and heal.

Some of the music is lo-fi, some acoustic, some electronic. In all cases, Ashley tries to keep things simple and meaningful, and is not impressed by big names or needless slick production. What matters is the story, the meaning, the journey.

All of Ashley’s music is available on Bandcamp, and wherever you get your music including Spotify and Apple Music.

Listen to a few tracks below.


Tour dates

None currently scheduled. Check back for more.